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What can I do with EPZ embroidery machine?

There is no limit. You can embroider it as long as you can hoop it. Use our EPZ embroidery machine  to embroider hats, clothing, bags, hoodie jackets, leather, shoes, patches and more. This industrial embroidery machine is perfect for expanding your embroidery business.

Frequently asked questions

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What we do for this EPZ Embroidery machine?

Is this EPZ  embroidery machine easy to operate?

Is need to buy plug for EPZ  embroidery machine ?

For US living people, how fast can I get the machine?

Is any newbie get any training?

What software can I make my design? And what format?

What is the procedure to input an embroidery pattern?

Is this easy to input  photo to make the embroidery directly?

What’s the warranty for procedure of EPZ machine?

How much space do I need to prepare for EPZ Embroidery machine?

What's the difference between Single , Double  and Multi heads?